Tuesday, June 12, 2018

UST Party Abroad

We've been fortunate to have two visits from St. Thomas friends and former roommates of Ben.  Adam and Keith prompted us to try some new things like a double decker bus tour, visiting a tea leaf plantation, a trip up the Shanghai tower (second tallest building in the world), and even a fish pedicure!  While their trips didn't quite overlap, it seems like we haven't stopped moving, eating, or laughing for almost a month.  The girls enjoyed playing games with each visitor, whether it was cards, don't break the ice, Beanboozled jellybeans, and being monsters.



Both trips went quickly as we packed a lot into their time and covered a lot of ground.   Adam and Ben took a day trip to Hangzhou where they saw a variety of sites and were constantly asked by elderly women to come drink Jingling tea.  The whole family went with Adam on an adventure to Chongming Island.  After a bus debacle and a bit of a drive with an Uber, we made it to the Dongping National Forest park.  It was nice to not be surrounded by buildings, although the nature of the park was interrupted at times by a zipline, go karts, and paintball.

We're so happy that Keith and Adam took the time out of their lives to come hang out with us!

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Great Wall

We finally made the trek up to see Beijing.  Keith, a college friend, is here in Shanghai for a stretch and helped inspire a visit to the Great Wall.  It is every bit as remarkable and awe-inspiring as we hoped and we were thrilled to get a semi-clear day without too many other people in our area.  It got a bit hot and sunny, which affected our picture taking, but it was still very enjoyable.


How we got down from the wall

Kara was thrilled

Beijing was a wild ride full of new sites, busy sidewalks, and different food, although we left a lot unexplored.  The Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven were impressive sites, but getting there was a bit more nerve-wracking with traffic.  The girls did a pretty incredible job given all the walking and the train delays on the ride home.  It was an unforgettable trip, but we were happy to make it back to Shanghai.


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Still wandering

The Naks continue to explore, trying new foods, seeing new areas of town, and finding new things down a street we've been on before.  Our best recent trip was when we brought our golden tickets to Zotter Chocolate Factory. We got to sample too much chocolate (Ben's faves were a pistachio-saffron mix as well as a whiskey-hot chocolate drink) and even got to make our own chocolate bars.

We heart Shanghai    ----     Cool buildings by our dentist (good checkups)

Random food alleys    ---    Cinco de Mayo

The girls had an entertaining Sports Day at school last week for a house competition.  Nina enjoyed many activities but was proud of her 3rd place finish in the championship race.  Vivian had a lot of fun with the tug-of-war and said she was a big help.