Monday, April 17, 2017


Easter 2017 was a lovely day full of fun and family.  The girls have been blessed to hang out with both sets of grandparents in consecutive weekends and have had a blast all around.  Playing with Maggie and Charlie is always a treat, although no one is missing out when it comes to their singing of Moana songs.  The weather was gorgeous, we made it to a few parks, and got a chance to drive the power wheels around the yard.

Both girls continue to love the water and now love the sauna as well.  Sadly swimming lessons are coming to an end this week.  Vivian has taken to writing stories in her notebook.  She has recorded four one-page masterpieces and takes great pride in it.  Nina still takes pride in her art and was frustrated with her inability to draw horses.  This led us to visit the zoo so she could look at zebras and other animals to improve her accuracy.  Her dedication was very cute and I was impressed at Vivian's patience because that was one long zoo trip.

"Maybe I'll try diving"    -----    Maybe not

Thursday, March 23, 2017

In like a lion...

Time continues to rush by and we are appreciative of how nicely our girls play.  They can often entertain themselves with toys, writing, reading, coloring, and tasks.  One of Ben's favorite things to hear is the sound of Nina laughing as she reads herself a book.  Nina currently likes reading comic strip fiction and her class won "bookopoly" in a school competition.

One of Pip's recent ideas was making her own perfume (after seeing a Peppa Pig episode in which they did the same).  The crazy thing is, her perfume actually worked.  She put a couple flower petals into a container of cucumber water and after the petals dissolved, she and Kara put the concoction into an old Aveda tube and it smells great.  She has been coached not to spray too much and likes bringing it with her to school and daycare.

The girls had fun going to Grandma and Grandpa's for spring break and got to visit the Reptile Zoo, the library, and even McDonald's!  They came back up to Saint Paul for the Saint Paddy's day parade and to show off their hard work at swimming lessons.  Both girls partook in "Jump Rope for Heart" in school and both donated their own money to help in the fight against Leukemia.  Nina was excited to win her own jump rope and use it all over.

Friday, March 10, 2017


The spring warmth was nice while we could play in the back yard, ride bikes, and go to parks, but the cold winter has returned so we've been shoved back indoors.  Luckily swimming lessons have also returned and it's nice that the girls can go in without us now.  We also swung by the newly renovated Capitol during one of our cold days and had fun exploring there. They continue to grow and every day is full of Nina's reading and drawing and Pip's stories and instructions.    

Class play 'Jolly Jaguar Factory'    ----    Wacky hair day at school

Monday, February 20, 2017

Crazy warm

The Naks have been getting out during this warm streak.  One day it was warm enough to skate, the next to hike, the next to bike, and the last to hit up the golf course!  We seem to be very busy without anything really happening or any stories to tell, but we're enjoying life nonetheless.  

Showing off muscles after pull ups   -  Showing off sand traps after slicing

We went to the girls' school Bingo night where Pip was 1 away from Bingo in 5 spots and then lost.  She went up to go to the bathroom and her card immediately won the next game.  Ooops!  She didn't care too much since she still got to pick out some cruddy prize.

Nina's & Fitzgerald's - right across the street from one another

Had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa!