Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

We celebrated Vivian's first Christmas in Nebraska and Owatonna and the girls did a good job with the traveling.  Our first party was in Owatonna where the girls got to hang out with Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Annie, Uncle Adam, and Cousin Maggie.  We played cards, hung out, and did a lot of running around.  Nina and Vivian got a lot of new toys.  Her grandparents were all on the same page this Christmas - Nina was thrilled to get her favorite of Toy Story characters, including the villain, Zurg.  Incidentally, he's been given a few time outs for hitting people since we've gotten home.

I GOT ZURG!  OH MY GOSH!   -------    FaceTime with Aunt Cassie

Cousin time

Nina serves dinner to all her friends   ------   Table with real people

iPad fun              -----                 I want food!!

Rocking around the tree       ---------         Family Photo

Time to get packed for Nebraska!

Aunt Kelsey got stuck with some bad weather for her flights and ended up flying to Minnesota.  It was great to have her with us for some extra time and to have someone to help the girls on the drive down to Nebraska.  Nina reads her books every night and misses her.  Nina had a great time playing with Nana and Papa and searched out some of her old toys there, and then played with all the new ones.  The girls loved getting to see Uncle Jake and his dog Nelli, whom Nina called Neddie.

Vivian, Jake, Kelsey, and Neddie

Fun with Nana and Papa

Making cookies with Kelsey


Visiting with Ella         ------        Partners in crime

We also celebrated Jesus's birthday with some cake and Nina was all excited to sing for him (and to eat cake).  She wanted to know where he was and then we got out baby Jesus from the nativity set and she laughed because he's too tiny to eat his own cake!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas time is near

The girls have been super exited to participate in Christmas activities of all kinds.  As you can see above, despite talking a big game about being friends with Santa, Nina had another terrifying experience with him.  Vivian did alright, but they both loved the parade.  Vivian was so excited to hear people singing and Nina waved at every float and every person.  She would lean into the street to see what was coming next and then give a look full of excitement and joy when she told us about what she saw.



They both loved decorating the tree!  Vivian grabbed on to ornaments and the tree, and Nina abundantly decorated the bottom branches.  Nina also got her own mini-tree with decorations of her own - and not just any decorations, Toy Story and Finding Nemo ornaments!

Nina has taken to randomly calling Vivian "Vivi" and occasionally helps with bottles.  Our daycare provider, Barb, says Nina is the best big sister and she protects her, talks to her, and tells other kids to "watch out for my sister!"  Vivian is trying to catch up to Nina is all aspects of life; she tries taking Nina's toys, she tries to talk, mimics eating food, and now she is wearing a size 3 diaper to Nina's 4.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

How your day, mama?

One of our favorite things Nina does now is when she reads or retells stories, she uses different voices.  For instance, when she re-enacts the Billy Goats Gruff, she uses a big loud voice for the troll that's gonna gobble you up and a tiny voice for the smallest billy goat that is simply precious.

Play-doh haircuts

Spinning like a princess

Nina also talks a lot in the car these days.  She points out different things and loves pointing out Christmas lights.  A common phrase of hers is, "Look at all those..." lights, trucks, trees, whatever.  An interesting twist on the phrase is when she saw the collage below she said, "Look at all those me's!"

On a frustrated side, Nina has started jumping on furniture, on the positive side, Vivian thinks it's hilarious and gut laughs whenever Nina does it.  We'll see if the girls continue to be bad influences on one another. ;)

Building together

It's cold out there   ------    Rare sleeping moment