Sunday, April 29, 2012

April's almost over?!

It's been a busy month and next month appears even more jam-packed.  Nina continues to love running around whether she's at the zoo, park, or church.  She's a pretty good listener and turning into quite the toddler.  Her new thing is trying to sing along to songs on our iPod.  

Leaping across furniture   --------   This was not posed

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Watch her go!

It's been an Active April and Nina shows no signs of slowing down.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We may have turned a corner.  Just as Grandpa Rod was ready to take bets, Nina said her name correctly most of today, even chanting it at the baseball game!  She has had a few other funny verbal moments this week.  Whenever Dada turns on the Twins game in the car, Nina claps and shouts, "Go Fwins!"  Also, she has stepped up her peace-giving game by now shaking hands and saying, "Peace with you."  At church on Sunday, she heard Jesus' name and turned to us to say, "silly Jesus" with a big smile.  Lastly, we've been a little concerned as to whether or not she would inherit allergies, but we at least don't need to worry about manners.  She is very good about saying 'bless you' and is now covering her mouth when she sneezes.  

Wearing her "frown" (crown)    --------    Everyone is hard at work

Visiting Annie, Adam, and Gus

More from the Easter "ecc" hunt

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a wonderful Easter spent with family in Nebraska.  Nina was a great passenger and talked, played, sang, and slept both there and back.  Despite the late nights, she kept a great attitude and loved visiting Nana and Papa.  The Easter Egg hunt was a blast, but after all the practice, Nina was over picking up eggs and mostly enjoyed running around.  She didn't want to sit with the Easter Bunny, but who could blame her?  

Nina's new favorite bedtime activity is naming everyone she knows and asking if they are also going "night, night."  She also jokes about wanting to watch Nemo.  She will ask over and over, "Meno, mama?" and laugh when we say no.  When she gets desperate, she'll ask her stuffed animals too, "Meno, bun-bun?"  
Learning about solitaire   --------   Easter basket hat

Excited for Baseball      -----------      Already depressed by the Twins