Thursday, May 31, 2012

Play Ball!

The Naks took a trip to Target Field for Nina's second game, compliments of the wonderful people at Here's Life Inner City.  Nina liked watching the guys "hit ball" and clapping throughout.  She and Kara made it on the big screen for a moment and we stayed up way past her bedtime.

Tailgating fun   ------    Pre-game puppy

Golden Glove  ----   Fist-pumping with Kirby

First trip in Sept. 2010     --------------     First fist-pump

Dad made it to 2 stadiums in 3 days

The end of the school year also means it's time for the Math Department barbecue.  Nina was excited to see many of her old friends, and was not afraid to play ball with the boys.  We're proud of her excitement to interact with other kids.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Weekend

Nina had a busy Memorial weekend hanging out with Nana and Papa.  They listened to music, saw a moose in Rogers, visited the St. Croix river, went shopping all over the metro, played games, took walks, colored, and worked on a couple baby-related projects.  While at a restaurant waiting for food, Nina enjoyed showing Nana where each O and A were located on the kids' menu Wordfind.  

June 2011 and now, wearing her aquatic alphabet shirt from Boston

Meanwhile, Ben spent most of the weekend in Boston attending a friend's wedding.  Nina loved saying "Dada, airplane" and picking up random phones to talk to him.  When asked, Nina always said that Dad was "good," which was right.  We rounded out the weekend in typical fashion and reunited for more music in the park.  

A Boston nod to Nina

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"My own"

Our little corn-on-the-cob eater has been saying and doing some funny things since the last post.  In no particular order, she:

- tells us that she wants "my own" of whatever item we currently have
- likes to put in Monty Python to laugh at the "silly guys marching" and because it's a "funny movie"
- insisted on napping in her sandals one day at daycare; there was nothing Barb could do to dissuade her
- enjoys hula-hooping, basically just standing there as the hoop swings around and shouting "around"
- tells people that she's "1...2," meaning that she's currently one and turning two very soon
- has shown the capability, without the intention, of getting out of her crib; we've since purchased a big girl bed, but it hasn't been assembled yet
- got a kick out of shooing away animals, especially "chick munks," from Grandpa's bird feeders
- loves pretending to drive ("frive"); we often spend 5-10 minutes in the car after we arrive home


Giving Roxie a "ssage" (massage); exploring in the neighborhood

Daycare hijinks

Dancing to music in the park

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a gorgeous weekend here and we enjoyed it to the fullest.  We had a wonderful Mother's Day spent at the park, with family, and then going to the first "Music in the Park" of the summer.  Nina loved dancing, running, seeing bugs, and play ring-around-the-rosies with Grandma.  

Talking to Grandpa & Great-Grandpa ------   Jumping with Grandma

Como music - now and then (early June 2011)

Rock climbing at the park

Saturday we went to the Mill City Farmers Market.  There was more dancing, music, food, kids, and plenty of sites to see.

Sunshine! -----  Dancing as Anton Chekhov looks on

Outside and inside Mill City Ruins

Stone Arch Bridge