Friday, June 29, 2012

Doing what the OKC Thunder could not...

...beat the heat!  It's been mighty hot here lately, so the Naks have found some new fun.  We took a trip to the Science Museum and had a fantastic time.  Nina participated in some experiments, saw some crazy videos, and did a lot of running around.

Nina's giant shadow     ---------       The power of the atmosphere

Serious about sticker time  ---  Ponytail to keep hair off her neck

Looking like a big girl

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Loving the outdoors

We've been spending a lot of time at the pool and wandering around Como, when we're not hanging out in our own backyard.  We'll let you guess which photos are from our garden and which ones come from the conservatory.  Nina's pretty diligent about wearing sunscreen; she wants the "cream" so that "the sun, no burn."

In addition to playing hide-and-go-seek, one of our major indoor activities has been doing the baby's laundry.  :)  We are about two weeks from meeting Baby #2 and we couldn't be more excited!  Nina likes yelling, "Come out, Baby!"  We're really looking forward to the start of July, but definitely not wishing away the rest of June.

At the tea garden --------- Conquering her fear of the hand dryer

Park time with Cassie --------- A neighbor's kitty

 Loving our pool membership, which has already paid for itself

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cassie's back!

Aunt Cassie has finally returned for an extended stay and Nina had a fantastic weekend visiting her, Grandma, and Grandpa in Owatonna.  We were busy playing tea-party, swimming, looking for fresh raspberries, playing cards, and harassing Grandpa.  When he was a bit late getting to a party Nina loved, and repeated endlessly, "Shake a leg, Grandpa."

The family also had a lovely baby shower for Aunt Annie.  It gave Nina a chance to talk about little babies and meet Annie's niece, Aubrey.  They played with balloons and had a pool party.  

hiding in a fort   -------------    tea party!

fake smile    ---------     tea party dancing

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Puzzle time

Nina has kept a busy schedule so far this summer and is enjoying her puzzles.  She had a great time hanging out with Annie yesterday, and while the Como pool was a bit too cold, the indoor pool was the perfect answer.  We had a lovely lunch with Kayla and Matthew and their two cats the other day.  Nina loved finding and playing with all the cat toys and interacting with her kitty friends.

A few funny stories based off of recent Nina's phrases.  At Ikea the other day, Nina saw some plywood and asked if it was mini-wheats (her cereal of choice) and if she could eat it.  Coincidentally, Ikea was playing her new favorite movie, Mulan, on all their TVs.  Finally, on the way to a graduation party, we got stuck in traffic and Nina asked what was going on while playing with her toy baby in the backseat.  When we told her there were a lot of cars and that it was called traffic, Nina told her baby the same info and responded to us with "Baby no like traffic."

Enjoying Ikea        ------          Singing and drumming

Resting on the porch

Saturday, June 9, 2012


After weeks of telling Nina that summer is coming, it is finally here.  We're excited to get to hang out with friends and family and prepare for #2.  The lovely photos directly above and below were taken by our good friend, Emily, who has quite the talent.  We met her and a few other friends at Minnehaha Falls; Nina loved running around and watching the Aztec dancers.  

Later in the day, we went to a graduation party where Nina found cupcakes.  Before eating one, she sang "Happy birthday, Nina" and said "one...two!"  She seems ready for her next party.

When the subject of summer comes up, Nina always says one of three things, "no work," "sleep in," and "swimming."  All three became a reality today as we hit up the new Como Pool.  She loved wading around, seeing other kids, and going up the stairs to the slides.  We're excited for our season pass.  We got Nina a few new swimsuits the other day and she insisted on trying them all on at once, as the pictures show above.

P.S.  We have officially and successfully marked one year since Ben broke his ankle.  He celebrated by playing basketball with the same group and eating brownies afterward.