Monday, July 30, 2012


Nina is caught up in the "lympics" and is excited to race while watching track, swimming, gymnastics, water polo, whatever - she enjoys running around.  She says she'll compete when she's "little bit older." Vivian is continuing to grow (and scream) and we're hoping she's starting to get on a routine.  

Yearly Como photo traditions

We've enjoyed having some visitors this past week and feel very privileged to have so many caring friends and family.  Thanks for everything!

Went on the field for our anniversary.  Hi Jamey Carrol & Rick Anderson!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Hi, little one"

Vivian had her two-week checkup and came away with a clean bill of health.  She has gained back her weight and then some, and now sits close to nine pounds.  The doctor got to see her pout and pointed out that girls are born with that ability, whereas boys have to learn such clever strategies.  We've spotted some dimples in her smiles, and here are some rough photos of both faces.  We'll try to get better ones soon.

Nina continues to be a good big sister to Vivian.  She helps her with her pacifier, talks to her, often addresses her as "little one," and says "bless you" after sneezes.  When Vivian tries to talk back, Nina listens, and often tells us, "silly Vivian."  Today, there was another little girl interested in Vivian.  She walked up and said, "Baby!"  Nina walked over and said "hi" to the girl, then pointed to Vivian and said, "my sister."  The first girl responded with "baby" and Nina told her, "Baby Vivian."  Hopefully she remains a proud big sister!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"No baby do this"

Nina's continued phrase to feel helpful, capable, and like our "big girl."  She has been a lot of laughs and is still very good with Vivian.   She points out "baby no words" and therefore tries to talk to Vivian in a baby language which includes a lot of "aaaaugh."  On one of their first walks, Nina spotted a squirrel and yelled at it to "hold hands" while in the street.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Don't worry 'bout it"

"Don't worry 'bout it, baby" is a phrase Nina has learned from her Uncle Jake and she loves telling Vivian this when she's crying.  Both girls have been doing very well and we're happy to all be together.  Vivian's check-up today at the doctor went well.  

Vivian Kathryn is one of the few names we could agree on, since Ben is so picky because every name reminds him of a student.  Vivian is derived from a latin word meaning "lively" which doesn't yet reflect her waking/sleeping pattern, but is represented in her vivacious cry.  Her middle name comes from her Grandma Katie.

Talking and reading to her sister

The girls and their grandmothers   ----    Four generations

Hanging with the Nak brothers     ------      Whispering a secret

Hanging out           -------          Fun friends

Como fun    -------   Got my walking stick and balloon

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Now what?

We've been so busy preparing a place for Vivian and mentally preparing Nina for a sister that we're a bit stunned to find that we're all at home.  We're trying to find a daily routine as Vivian continues to have her days and nights switched.  Nina seems to be doing well and continues to play hard.  She brings Vivian (too many) toys and has read her a few books.  And for the real reason you're probably all here:  more photos!

Como with Grandma    ------    Flying like Superman

Admiring the butterfly     -------     Crying about politics