Sunday, September 30, 2012

September is over!?

The new school year is off to a fast start and the girls are getting into a groove.  They're having fun at daycare, at home, and at various outings throughout the week.  We visited Mama at work 3 times and went to two parties!  Nina was funny at church today.  She shushed her parents and told them to be quiet, then sought out Vivian's hand during the Our Father.

Rebel on the loose while visiting Century College

Drumming with Everett      ------      Hey Girls!

Silly girls

Sunday, September 23, 2012

This and that

One week in and the girls seem to be doing well at daycare.  Vivian has been a bit more relaxed, they're both worn out from all the playing and they seem to be sleeping better at night.  Nina is getting her two-year molars but still seems to fit well in her 18-month pants.  Nina's new habit is to call us by our first names, so occasionally we'll hear her yell, "Hi Kara" and "More milk, Ben."  

Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to work

Today was Kara's first day back to work, so the girls made their first joint trip to daycare.  Nina was a good big sister, not needing to be carried at all, and showed Vivian the ropes at Barb's house.  They played and had fun and both seem to be in good spirits.

Nina is into phrases and talking in longer sentences these days.  She also hit a milestone and took her first deuce on the potty.  She was pretty proud and got some ice cream for her efforts.  Hopefully she can keep it up.  Below, the girls are sporting their new hats from Emily- thanks!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Two Months

Vivian turns two months today.  She's kicking a lot and smiles when people sing to her.  She enjoys facing out and loves to watch her big sister run around.

Nina meanwhile has taken a big interest in her shadow lately and likes to wave to it.  Nina has been watching football, likes yelling about touchdowns, and running around.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Social girls

Visiting the 'Peanuts' gang

Getting kissed by Lucy   ----------    Block that punt!

The Naks are trying to soak up summer as much as they can these last few days.  We've been chatting a lot with family and friends, and we've now made it to the pool 30 times.  Nina likes to bring friends to the park and Vivian has started to enjoy facing out on our endeavors.  When we go to the park nearest to our house, they have recently gotten rid of the pebbles on the ground and replaced them with wood chips.  Nina sometimes gets confused and calls them "chocolate chips."  She likes to remind mama not to eat these chips.