Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Baptism!

Life never slows down at the Nak household, even for our winter colds.  The entire house is a bit under the weather, but that hasn't stopped us from having non-stop fun.  We had a lovely Thanksgiving at Yaya's house and the girls played with Cousin Maggie.

We also had a wonderful celebration in honor of Vivian's baptism.  She did a fantastic job throughout the service and even while being christened with the water.  A special thank you goes to Adam and Annie, her Godparents.  Annie was also gracious enough to spoil us with beautiful photos from the day.  We appreciated spending time with all the family members who were able to join us!  We are blessed and thankful.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"What-in Nina doing?"

Hanging out with a character from her current favorite movie

"That my sister, come on Vivian!"

Nina does a little bit of everything these days.  She uses a lot of full sentences and her grammar is getting better.  She likes to play "Monster" where the all non-monsters must run away and scream as the monster (usually Mama) approaches.  She also likes to pretend that she's a puppy and she will drop things, fetch, and you have to tell her "down" so she won't jump on you.  Lastly, Nina also likes to ask, "what-in you want for lunch?"  She then will get a piece of paper and a pencil, jot down the order and make it.  Occasionally she will say she's "all out" of something and will end that sentence with "Oh no!"

Playing "Monster" at daycare  ---   Taking orders at the drive-thru with Kenzie

Checking out the turtles, dude    ------     "Mr. Ray is teacher" 

She's been quoting movies lately, mainly Toy Story 2 and 3.  Her favorite lines center around the Potato Head characters, and sometimes Woody's.  She has her own "tato head" dolls & enjoys playing with them.

Nina was getting sick of all the Vivian movies and wanted to star in her own film.  So she pushed Liam Neeson aside, then wrote and starred in "Taken Three - The Search for Bun-Bun."  Here is the trailer.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Four Months

Vivian has had a month of laughs and entertainment.  She giggles a lot and enjoys watching her sister run all over the house.  Vivian likes to eat and has a fuller look to her.  She is getting much more active and is getting ready to start rolling.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Halloween was another fun treat for the family.  Nina dressed up as Dumbo and enjoyed going around and getting "lots of stuff."  Despite the solid practice, she was still shy and very quiet when going through her script.  Thank you to Louise & Monte for the cute costume!  Vivian was little Timothy Mouse and tagged along with Dumbo.  She was quiet as a mouse and mostly peeked out from under her hood to see all the action.  

Both girls enjoyed going to the Zoo Boo at Como and wandering through the hoards of fellow kids.  Nina looked for Buzz Lightyears and was excited to find a cutout of Dumbo.  Nina did some pumpkin bowling and enjoyed eating some of her candy.


Nina continues to pick up funny phrases like "just a sec" and, the other day she was going to help Mama with the laundry, but decided to encourage her instead by telling her, "see mama, you can do it."  Lately she likes wrestling and playing catch.  Vivian is starting some time in her Johnny-Jump-Up and seems to be getting bigger all the time.  She rubs her eyes a lot when tired and that makes us laugh.