Sunday, January 27, 2013

We hate colds

Everyone in the family has been fighting the cold and colds, but this weekend's return to the 20s has been lovely.  Nina and dada went out to see the winter carnival and the parade.  Nina talked about the parade for a few days and was so excited, but after seeing the ponies, snoopy, the crashed ice course, and the ice sculptures, she fell asleep and missed the whole parade.  Luckily, they handed out two of her favorite things: necklaces and chap-stick, so she was pumped despite missing the show.

Ponies & skating      --------         Carving the sculptures

Ice Age!!!            ---------           Crashed Ice replica

Calvin and Hobbes          --------            Spiderman

Saint Thomas       ----        Enjoying the parade

The girls just keep getting bigger.  Nina is starting to use the potty (4 times and has gotten some treats) and Vivian has started some baby food, although she still would prefer whatever we are eating.  Vivian also got her first hair trim and has taken a real interest in music.  She plays the piano every day and has strummed the guitar a bit as well.  The girls had a fun play-date with the Howards and hope to play with them again soon.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Six Months and Winter Fun

Vivian had her six month check up and is growing quickly.  She weighs over 17 pounds, which is in the 65th percentile, and seems to be hitting all her milestones.  She's going to start some baby food, already enjoys her high chair, and likes holding her own bottles.

We've gotten the opportunity to go outside a bit and enjoy winter.  After reading some books, Nina wanted to make a snowman, go sledding, and make a popcorn string.  Vivian had fun watching her big sister.  We also made it out to the ice castle at the Mall of America.  We found a warm evening to check it out and somehow there was a January rain, which is weird here.  It didn't dampen Nina's spirits, but did melt the castle a bit.  We had fun.

Monday, January 7, 2013


The girls are hitting their half-year marks and continue to fill our house with screams, laughs, and fun.  It's hard to imagine life without either of them.  Nina continues to be a good big sister, telling her toys to be quiet when Vivian is napping, laughing to make Vivian laugh, giving her high fives, and reading stories.  Vivian continues to grab everything in sight, is starting to sit up on her own, and is finally sleeping a bit better at night.  She also likes to pull our heads close to give us kisses.  Thanks to Nana for the song suggestion.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nina the actress/producer

As everyone knows, Nina enjoys watching the Toy Story movies.  After Christmas brought her many of the characters, she now spends a lot of her time re-enacting various scenes of the movies and books.  Here is a collection of her performances on youtube (with subtitles).  For some reason, whenever she sings songs or quotes things, she just copies the sounds rather than saying the words, so she can get tough to follow; phrases like "thank you" turn into "gank ya."

Here is her rendition:

Here is the real movie clip if you want to see what she's impersonating:

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So happy together

We were very blessed in 2012 with Nina and Vivian starting a great friendship.  Nina often asks "where is my sister?" and she makes sure we get Vivian buckled up safely in her car seat.  She often puts her arm around Vivian, unprompted.  Vivian looks all over the room for her sister and misses Nina when she's gone.  Vivian loves to help wake up Nina and will laugh, smile, and shout to Nina until her eyes finally open.  We don't know how long it will last, especially since they have started some squabbling over toys, but we're enjoying the love now.

The girls have had fun trips to the zoo, the library, and the recently-renovated Union Depot.  The depot closed in 1971 and reopened in the last few weeks, so we went to check it out by ourselves on New Years Day.  Happy birthday to Nana and to Ed!