Sunday, February 24, 2013


Nina has taken to calling Vivian "Pip" without any real reason.  Vivian likes the attention no matter what she's being called, so it all seems to work out.  Nina also cracked us up the other day when she was being patient while waiting for her snack.  She folded her hands and starting singing "I will wait, I will wait, for toast" using the Mumford and Sons' song.

Cowgirl Jessie and Woody, dressing like Papa used to

hold on to your hat!

Vivian continues to like activity; she enjoyed the zoo, was a bit scared of the sharks, and had fun people-watching at the Mall of America.  She likes eating bites of bread when she gets a chance, but is frustrated when she can't feed herself.


This is hard work     ------     Thumbs up for bottles

We all enjoyed the lovely weather today and went sledding.  Nina was brave and wanted to sled by herself, Vivian also enjoyed taking part in the fun.  We were all worn out by the end.

Nina rediscovered the photo-booth on our computer and thinks it's hilarious.  She loves taking photos, finding new effects, and especially laughing at the results.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

No school on present's day?

That quote isn't from Nina, but from one of Ben's students.  Yikes.

The Naks are trying to enjoy a Minnesota February as much as one can.  The girls enjoyed their Valentine's day party at Barb's house and Nina was thrilled to receive each valentine.  We went to the pool the other night and Nina loved every minute, running and splashing in the cool water.  The second Vivian's toes touched the water she screamed and didn't care to be cold no matter how much fun Nina was having.

Valentine's Chick-fil-A

We went to the Union Depot again to see the world's largest lite brite.  It has around 600,000 lights and was 12 feet tall by 24 feet long!  Grandma and Grandpa joined us and the girls had a great time with the music, dancing, coloring, and games.

Nina is dedicated to her potty training and is consciously thinking about it throughout the day.  She encourages everyone else too: "Vivian, when you start using the potty, you'll get Dora underwear.  Good job, Mama, you can have toy story pajamas!  Dad, you can have a hello kitty lunchbox!"  She remains a great eater and sleeper and continues to be a good big sister.  Vivian is rolling a bit more and will sit up and play on her own.  She is babbling more and more and has a high-pitched squeal.  She continues to not be a good sleeper.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seven Months

Vivian has grown up so much this month.  She can sit up on her own, she eats baby food, she rolls over and over to find hiding places, her hair is growing in thicker, she talks a bit more, she wears 9-month clothes, and she is even starting to sleep more!  She loves reading and playing with Nina, although we're starting to hear more, "No Vivian, that's mine!"


Meanwhile, Nina continues to make everyone laugh.  She loves playing in forts, pretending she's Vivian, and she often reads stories aloud saying, "Once upon a time, there was a... [flips a few pages] the end."