Monday, April 22, 2013

Different girls

The more Vivian establishes her personality, the more obvious it is that our two girls are very different.  Here are a few ways that come to mind:

  • Nina prefers to be cold; Vivian warm
  • Nina enjoys sleeping at night and for naps; Vivian dislikes both
  • Vivian likes to cuddle; Nina never really has
  • Vivian has a cry you can hear 2 floors away; Nina is hard to hear if the door is half-closed
  • Nina loves to swim; Vivian isn't a fan (yet)
  • Nina loves putting toys in boxes/purses; Vivian enjoys pulling and throwing things out
  • Vivian prefers to be held by mama; Nina is a daddy's girl
  • Vivian likes to sit and play; Nina has always preferred to be on the go
  • Nina is deathly afraid of car horns and blow dryers; Vivian enjoys both
  • Nina's clothes are all baggy; Vivian rocks skinny jeans, even if they're regular jeans

Run outside               ------                  Sit inside

The girls are still similar in a few ways, too.  Both like to dance, feed themselves, go on walks, hang out in social settings, and both are fakers (cries, sneezing, sleeping).

Both happy eaters

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Vivian has been babbling away the last few days and, as promised, here's what we've got on tape.  The girls had fun on their first wagon ride together.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Nine Months

Vivian has been all over as she turns 9 months.  She wants to crawl, wants to talk, and wants to eat adult food.  She yells, "mama" in the middle of the night, and has started saying "Dada."  We are trying to get videos, but it's tough when Nina is often shouting too.

Nina has been very encouraging of all of Vivian's accomplishments as she yells, "You can do it, I know you can!" "She's talking" and "Way to go, Vivi!"  When too frustrated to try crawling, Vivian does a lot of playing, some dancing, and likes to watch whatever Nina is doing.  Currently Nina is into singing, telling knock-knock jokes, and fake-sneezing.