Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ahhh, where is summer going!?

It is already late July and Kara's summer is quickly coming to an end.  We've been all over the place and having fun with all we do.  We loved getting to hear Ben's cousin Erin play at Como, we've hung out a lot with neighbor Miles, Cousin Maggie came for a sleepover, and we went for a pool date with Cecilia and her mom, Mary Sue.  Here are pics and descrips.

 Nina can ride her trike and is working on her strider bike for balance

Practicing their driving.

Nina loved the dentist again and paid attention to all her instructions.  
Vivian got into things she shouldn't and covered her mouth when the dentist walked in.

Carnival art projects and fishing.

Random family trip to Hudson.  Cheers to a new state for Vivian

Nina likes drawing monsters.  Who knew she could?!

Cousin pool party & trip to the zoo!

Girls sharing a laugh on their wagon ride.

Library fun

Birthday princess, nay birthday queen/tyrant

Practicing her dives.  
She also likes to hold her breath while putting only her chin in the water.

Minnehaha pool and dinner at Sea Salt.  Someone grabbed/devoured dad's catfish.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

More birthdays

Summer keeps flying by, full of activities.  We visited the MOA with some family, especially to see Lara and the boys from Shanghai.  Grandpa brought us to Camp Ice Age and the girls had a blast.  Trips to the zoo, library, multiple pools, ice cream, and music are all part of an average summer week.


Nina went to her first movie yesterday to see Monsters University.  She did a great job sitting, was enthralled by the trailers, and only had a slight issue with talking too much and too loud, but she was just so darn excited.  Vivian continues to work on her communication, improving her vocab and often points to objects and then to herself to let us know when she wants something.

Finally, here is our last movie for this birthday season - one about Ben, just kidding.  Here is a video of the two girls and their first year together.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One Year Old!

Vivian continues birthday week with her very first.  She is a beautiful girl with a curious nature, resilient attitude, constantly-running motor, playful spirit, and a loud set of lungs.  Pip loves to give kisses, wave, point, and try new foods (even if they're not food).  She is very different from her sister yet joyful in many new ways.

Vivian continues to grow quickly as she's learning new words each day.  She likes plenty of attention and has therefore really taken to going to church.  She loves to give peace (throughout all of the service) and smiles at all the neighbors with encouraging results.  She enjoys swimming and music.