Friday, August 30, 2013

Are the dog days of summer really over?

The extreme heat hit during the week our main AC was out, which was unfortunate timing.  It hasn't mattered much during the day since we've all gone back to work and the girls are hanging out at Barb's again.  Ben is glad that students aren't in school yet since his classroom is averaging 88 degrees without 33 teenagers running around in it.

Nina has talked about being happy to be back with her friends and that's helping the transition.  Vivian continues to babble more and has started occasionally walking up to us and saying "poo poo" when she's filled her diaper.  She has also mastered pretending to eat when it comes to inedible objects, accompanied by a cute "nom nom" sound.  Guess all those hours watching the other kids play "restaurant" has its humorous benefits. 

The girls are starting to play together a big more and Nina will ask her to join in on games.  Nina often worries about losing toys from the wagon when we cross big streets so she holds on to everything tightly and Vivian will help by handing her toys before we run across.

Drumming    -----    Sitting at the table with their rocks

Getting ready to hibernate    -----    Enjoying the music while we can

Currently "Sugar and Spice"  (or sweet and sour)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Carpe aestatis

Well, we won't look back on this summer and wish we had done more.  It seems everyday is some sort of adventure and the girls continue to grow and make us laugh and cry.  Vivian is getting more articulate and understands what seems like almost everything we say.  She usually follows directions well ("please put down the pencil and go see Nina on the porch") but she also likes to ignore and disobey directions ("don't eat that rock" - she smiles and eats the rock).  Her favorite thing to do is to get attention from strangers, which makes church, restaurants, and festivals ideal in her mind.  She puts on the charm and smiles, shakes hands, and yells 'hi' at whomever will respond.  Nina still loves quoting movies and is currently on a "Cars" kick.  Our favorite is that she doesn't know what Mater means when he says, "Aww shoot" and she says, "Aww shoes."

We got to celebrate Cousin Maggie's first birthday this weekend and Maggie was a champ.  Aunt Annie & Uncle Adam put on a great party; Annie's a wonderful photographer and Adam always cooks a solid meal.  The girls left very tuckered out.

This past week was one of the busiest we've had.  The rec center nearby had a carnival, we used up our tickets at Nickelodeon Universe, went to the zoo, the library (and the book-mobile), Teddy Bear Park, the Children's Museum, and had a great time at the Japenese Lantern Lighting Festival.  Between the Irish dancers last week and the Japanese dancers yesterday, the girls have a lot of new moves to try at home.