Monday, September 30, 2013

Grandparents Galore

We've been happy to have recent visits from Nana, Grandma, and Grandpa.  Vivian showed Nana how she has started to figure out counting by saying 1, 2, 3 and Nina's new game involves her reading license plates on walks.

Both girls continue running all over, falling occasionally.  They care about each other a lot, but are fighting a fair amount, too.  They often need the same toy, parent, or rock, and will scream until something gives.  Twice now at daycare, Vivian has been the only child awake (funny in its own rite) and while Barb makes snack, Vivian will quietly sneak around all the other kids and go hit sleeping Nina on the head.  Whether it's because she misses her sister or feels a bit mischievous we may never know, but it's funny to imagine our screamer being so stealthy.  

Nina got her big-girl bed from Nana and Papa and she is pretty pleased to be able to get in and out.  We're hoping she can start getting up to go to the bathroom herself now too.  Vivian had her first haircut (Nina got one too) and she was not at all happy.  We had a lot of tears from her and nothing but smiles from Nina.  Going back in the archive, both girls look similar in their first haircut photos.

"Don't touch that flower"    -------    pouty face

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Talking away

Nina is trying to teach Vivian how to talk and a lot of cute/funny conversations have taken place.  Here are a couple of favorites:

N:  Vivian, can you say dog?
V:  daaawg
N:  Say Cat
V:  caaa
N:  Can you say giraffe?
V:  no

N: Vivian, can you say three?
V: reee!
N:  Good!  Can you say five?
V:  reee!
N: Hey dad, I asked her to say five and she said three, 'cause I'm three and she likes three.

After a few weeks of routine, the girls are continuing to show their differences.  Nina still hates waking up in the morning and cuddles with mom for a good 10 minutes before she opens her eyes.  The moment Vivian wakes up, she is excited, says hi, and often will give you a kiss for rescuing her from sleep.  They both like Barb's and stay very active.  Dad has started bringing an extra shirt to wear when he picks them up to keep clean.

Both girls still love picking up and carrying around rocks and other odd trinkets.  They try to find good spots for them, which means we find rocks everywhere - eg. in shoes, drawers, the piano bench, tupperware, behind the curtains, and even in oven mitts.  Nina still has quite the imagination and came up with a game using a box, crumpled up paper, and a lot of jumping which she called fu-tin-don.  Vivian couldn't keep the rules straight.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Fun in the September sun


The Naks have been trying to squeeze in some entertainment around work.  We got in a Saints game on the last day of summer and enjoyed the show.  The girls did pretty well and had fun and the monster food truck rally and concert after the show.  They liked that a playground was at the stadium.

Nina keeps saying, "Oh, that's soooo funny."  She has recently gotten a fish (their first pet) which she named, Betta.  She reads to her and promptly introduced her to Nemo.  She likes trying to teach Vivian words and Vivian now calls all fish "beya."


Vivian continues to run around, push things, and climb on everything.  Half jokingly, Kara told her that she could have a cookie if she slept through the night and she did.  She is now 4/5 when given the cookie bribe, although half the time, she gives her reward to Nina after a tiny bite.  She really likes wearing her helmet (for rides in the burley) and knocking on the helmet to show it's safe.  Today we caught her looking for airplanes and trying to shield her eyes with a free hand (the other was obviously holding rocks).

Aunt Cassie made a quick trip to the cities and the girls had a good time showing off all their new toys, skills, and words.  Vivian pushed Nina for the majority of our MOA trip and neither girl felt the need to switch roles.