Tuesday, October 29, 2013



Vivian has started some two word phrases.  It's pretty sad and funny to think about the ones she says most often.

"no bath"
"more treats"
"bye, miles"
"betta eat"
"teeth… paste"

Somehow, "please" is not in any of her most common phrases.  She does love brushing her teeth and with the addition of some new ones, it's good she's so diligent.  The other day she crawled downstairs on her own, turned on the tv, and we found her sitting in her director's chair.  While funny to find her like that, it might be a scary glimpse into the future.

Nina has been a big help as of late.  She cleans her room and the basement; she helps put away groceries; she helped rake leaves, and she likes to feed Vivian.  She currently loves reading baking recipes.

Ben and Kara enjoyed the Minnesota-Nebraska football game and while Ben was a bit more happy with the outcome, it was a beautiful day, we had good seats, and it was "fun" to witness a bit of history.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Getaway

Ben and Kara got a nice escape to the North Shore as Vivian and Nina hung out with Grandma, Annie, Adam, Maggie, and Grandpa.  We made it to three state parks and were happy to have relatively good weather.  We enjoyed good food along with time to explore, relax, read, and finish season one of Elementary.

Our view from the cabin

Split Rock Lighthouse   -----    Tettegouche State Park

"Pebble Beach"     -----    Gooseberry Falls

Vivian will take some directions from Nina and always says "please" when prompted by her.  She will also say "please" for more food on the behalf of her fellow one-year-old at daycare who isn't talking as much.  The girls were separated a bit today and gave each other a big hug when reunited.  We finished a fun weekend with a trip to the Children's Museum where the girls explored with a bit more independence.

"Take a picture of me tipping this chair to send to my parents"

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall is flying by

With busy work schedules and fun times at Barb's, it seems like our year is already going quickly.  We made a trip to the pumpkin patch today and the girls had a blast.  Both liked carrying pumpkins around and thankfully we didn't break any.

Thank goodness we didn't have triplets

Both girls like to scribble and write.  Nina is working on her letters and Vivian likes to pretend she is too.  Whenever Nina says the letter she is writing, Vivian will shout out some vowel as well.  It's the only time Vivian sits still.

Vivian's other nightly ritual involves her blankie which she refers to as "Eeeee."  Thanks again to Aunt Toni who has supplied her with her only possession that she never shares with Nina and needs every day.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


We meant to post this video a month ago and forgot.  We'll blame it on the busy schedule.

Time is flying by and it's been one thing after another.  We had a good weekend catching up with friends as Big Adam was in town for the marathon and Emily was back for Homecoming.  Seeing them made up for the cruddy weather.  

The girls continue to ham it up at home, but they were pretty quiet all weekend when in public.  The fight for toys has gone up a notch lately.  Nina is working on her letters at Barb's and Vivian's vocabulary continues to grow.  She seems to understand everything we say and definitely ignores our directions half the time.