Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

The Naks made it down to Nebraska for Thanksgiving and have been enjoying a relaxing time away from work.  The girls were pretty good in the car and spent time reading, coloring, and dancing.  Vivian continues to cheer for Nina after she sings a song.  Both girls love singing along to the Chipmunks' "Christmas don't be late."

Fun with Ella

Nana and Papa have Candy Land!

Nina wanted to dye Thanksgiving Eggs?

Before we left, we had a chance to volunteer at an event at Midtown Global Market.  The girls colored and made cards for other children.  They also got a chance to play and dance.  

Coloring at Barb's        ----         Our little puppy

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

photo booth

Nina still loves using the photo booth on our computer and here are some of the recent winners.  She gets a good hearty laugh out of most of her own poses, which makes Pip laugh too.  It's pretty funny to see all the expressions she can make and she can really get sassy on occasion.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sixteen Months

Vivian is getting old and she has plenty of personality.  She likes making funny faces these days, especially her surprised face.  Any time she gets a kick out of something and laughs, she will say, "funny."  She still likes to bug Nina, make animal noises, and tell the dog at daycare "Down!"  She spends time playing with legos, musical instruments, games, dad's phone, hiding in the curtains, singing, and reading books.  She babbles a lot of the day and we love to hear when she uses her tiny voice.


Saturday, November 2, 2013


Nina had been talking about dressing up for over two weeks.  She followed in her mom's footsteps and picked a literary character to go as - "The Fussy Princess" from her Little Critter book.  Vivian liked saying 'boo' as a ghost and looked great in the costume made by Nana.  Both girls did pretty well on a nice night for trick-or-treating, although Vivian refuses to pose for pictures this month.

horse-riding ghost?  ------ We bought clear buckets for this reason

Our trip to Zoo Boo at Como was exciting as well.  To avoid costume wear-and-tear, Nina went as Dora and Vivian went as Kara's favorite meal - a cheeseburger.  She wore the costume on 4 other occasions and would probably wear it every day if possible.


scary ghost