Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Get better-better

Today marks day 12 of sickness in our house and we've had 4 (maybe 5) different illnesses roll through.  Combine that with the winter weather, and Kara's three busiest work weeks of the calendar year, and it makes for a challenging stretch.  Hopefully we're on the upswing now and the littlest one will emerge healthy in the next 24 hours.  We know we're not alone, so to all of you fighting germ bugs, we shout as Nina does, "get better-better!"

This unfortunate change in our routine has gotten in the way of our recent picture-taking and merry-making.  The girls have bookended the illnesses, so in their week of health, they were dying to leave the house of germs and so here's what we've got:

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Another half year

The girls turn one and a half and three and a half this week.  They've grown a lot in 6 months yet they consistently make us smile.  They usually play well together and are willing to help one another.  When Vivian finds Nina's bun-bun, she will often bring it to her shouting "Na, bunny, hop hop."  Yesterday, Nina helped her little sis by bringing her toys and her blankie when Vivian was crying on time-out.  

Vivian is pretty coordinated, loves repeating whatever you say, and has the go-to response of "ohh-kaaay."  She loves to color, read the first two pages of books, play puppy, and find her "sitter" (sister).  We're happiest that she's finally started sleeping at least 8 hours a night.

Nina is a responsible big sister and occasionally the fun police.  She watches Pip and makes sure she's not up to anything that could possibly considered trouble.  Nina also likes to write letters, color and read books.  She has a good imagination and likes to make up stories and games.  Some involve new puppies at the store that you take for a walk and then she starts running in the puddles.  The puppy is usually named Sierra or Alicia.  She continues to tell us about dragons and bad guys changing their attitudes.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!

The Naks hope you enjoyed 2013 as much as we did!  We tried to pack some fun into our last days of vacation with trips to the zoo, MOA, and children's museum.  We made New Year's crowns and blew up balloons and the girls had a great time.

With the incoming weather of doom, we tried to get out while the getting was good.  Nina asks everyday "when will it be summer?" and tells us how much she doesn't like snow.  A trip to the Walker art center made for a nice escape that involved some various projects and games.  Nina made a theater set with curtains, seating, and an interesting story involving a jaguar and a couple getting married in a rainy cave.


She likes drawing smiley faces and has added the smile to every picture in her Hello Kitty book that is at least 50 pages.  Every night she picks out her outfit for the next day and lays it out for herself.  Some combos have been pretty interesting.