Monday, February 24, 2014

Nak Olympics

With the end of the Olympics, we thought it would be important to recap what happened at the Nak Olympics.

Vivian loves to shovel and requests to do so every time she gets out of the car.  Kara recently asked her if she was Vivian and she replied, "No, Pippy."  She says a lot of 2 and 3-word phrases lately, with high frequencies of "need it," "want it," and "have it."

Nina continues her love for music and literal translations, and she recently scoffed at the fact that Paul would ask someone to feed him when he's 64.  She also thought Sara Bareilles was confusing with lyrics like, "say what you want to say, and let the words fall out," because if your words fell out, then you wouldn't be saying anything.

Vivian has even gotten in on the singing action, mostly shouting the "heys" and "ohs."  When running around in her box car at Barb's, she'll occasionally give a Drive My Car line of: "beep-beep yeah!"

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Nina has taken to loving one of our favorite things… The Beatles.  She requests their music, their videos, and even likes to play Beatles Rock Band on the Wii.  She takes their lyrics pretty literally so finds humor in a lot of lines we normally overlook like, "why are they singing about a baby driving a car?" and "why do they need so much help?" and "why does John say 'hold me'?  The Beatles are too big for someone to hold them."  She thinks Ringo is the funniest and attributes any funny lyrics to him. It was wonderful timing and a cool experience to see the Grammy's tribute to the Beatles and watch it live with Nina.  She enjoyed seeing a few other singers she knew, and sang along with Paul and Ringo as they performed.

Which leads us to another list of funny words Vivian now says: "RINGOOOOO!"  Hearing drums, or Nina talking about the Beatles, and she'll shout it out.  She also says finger, hippo, Babar, and shabby in funny ways.  She says "knock knock" and when asked who's there, she usually replies, "Nana."  The joke ends there.  :)  She has also started saying "her tur" whenever she thinks it's her turn for something (usually food).  Lastly, whenever she leaves a place, she will yell, "byeeee, see yaaa."

Family Day at a Rec Center

Potato-head glasses     -----     Sheriff Woody

Tracing Pip's hand         ------       Drawing Olympic Rings

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why do we live in a place where the air hurts our face?

We've been stuck in this freezing land for what feels like a year.  Luckily we had a weekend getaway to a hotel for Grandpa's birthday and Nina has her weekly swimming lessons.  Other than that, we've been playing, reading, building, jumping, kicking, throwing toys, taking pictures of ourselves, and watching movies from the library.  Vivian is saying all sorts humorous words like shrug, couchlot (chocolate), hockey, and more we can't remember.