Sunday, March 23, 2014


Both girls have been fighting colds, but have kept their smiles for the most part.  Vivian continues to crack us up with her singing and all-around silliness.  Everything we do is "something"-time to her.  Song-time, bath-time, book-time, Barbie-time, hug-time, cereal-time, potty-time, boot-time, chu[r]ch-time, Pippy-time (watching her own movies), etc.

sad-time              -----              surprise-time

Nina also loves to sing these days and shouts out a lot of trendy songs from the radio, Katy Perry being a particular favorite.  Both girls request songs in the car and it's funny to hear what they've become attached to, Jagwar Ma's "Come and Save Me" being a surprising favorite of both.  Vivian is also singing twinkle twinkle, the ABCs, and itsy bitsy spider in a minor fashion.

We've gotten into March madness and have been playing a bit more ball these days.  Nina and Ben even made a trip to watch the Gophers play in the NIT.  Nina loved watching Goldy Gopher and using spirit fingers for free throws.  Vivian went swimming on Friday night and gets braver ever trip.  We all headed to Edinborough park for a fun night of climbing and gym-time.  Vivian loved the obstacles in the play area and sliding, while Nina preferred riding and playing basketball.  In our more frequent trips outside, we were happily surprised to see our ice cream shop has opened up!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

"Spring" Break

The Naks had a chance to relax a bit this past week during Ben's spring break.  They made a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's, went to the zoo with Annie, Adam, and Maggie, and got to hang out with Big Adam.  We made a few trips to the park and the girls did a fair amount of shoveling, drawing, and dancing.  Their current favorite song to dance to is Usher's ABCs from Sesame Street, as shown above.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I do it

Well, we survived January and February and now we get to go outside again.  Many of our favorite parks are buried, but it's still good to breathe fresh air again.  It was fun to have Nana come up for a visit, although it went by far too quickly.  The girls always love seeing her and ask about her as soon as she leaves.  After Vivian's nap, she asked, "Nana… coming?"

Fun with Nana    ----    Drawing Papa (dad did the hair and glasses)

Where's the bench?       ------    Happy sliding

Nina's recent finger-puppet shows never lack imagination and Vivian's talking continues to make us laugh.  Even little lines like, "Idunno, where is it?," and "shobel," crack us up every time.  She scolded Nina this morning with the near sentence of, "Nina… socks… throw them… no, no, no, Nina."

Rock the cradle    ------    Making Samurai helmets