Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Easter has come and gone, quickly as always.  The Naks made the trip down to Nebraska and the girls did relatively well.  They sang songs, read books, yelled, slept, and told jokes from the back.  When Ben tried to get a nap in, Vivian made sure to interrupt with, "hey dada, dada, dada look, hey Ben, Ben look."  It's hard not to laugh and look when that happens.  

Both girls enjoyed the time with Nana & Pap, lovely weather, multiple egg hunts, egg dying, park trips, and general silliness.  


Bike rides, wagon rides, jogging strollers - the girls love any method of getting to parks.  

refusing to look at her sister    --------------     sweet hugs 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

New season - New look!

Nina cut off about 4 inches to get ready for summer, running around, and swimming.  She's happy with her change and, once again, did a much better job for the stylist than Vivian.  We've been spending a lot of time outside everyday and the girls have ridden their bikes, taken walks in the double stroller, and enjoyed some jogs as well.  

This morning Nina was in a joking mood and said, "Let's tell silly jokes.  Is our car in someone's tummy?  Are we driving a tree?"  Each time waiting for me (and subsequently Vivian) to respond with "noooooo, we're not driving a tree!"  Vivian has also been making us laugh with innocent phrases such as, "I like it" and "tastes good" when we give her foods that she likes.

The girls have been up to all sorts of new antics.  Vivian literally bumped into Dave Dahl (local meteorologist) before he went on live television at the zoo.  We made our first family trip to a movie and saw the French children's film "Ernest & Celestine."  We all loved it, although, as expected, Vivian didn't want to stay seated for about half of it.  

Hopefully the last snowman of the season

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Look Vivian, this is grass!"

We've gotten to hear a fair amount of funny/depressing quotes about warmer weather and the new scenery.  The other day Vivian told us, "Uh-oh, sleeves!" pointing out that her shirt was faulty because her sleeves didn't reach her wrists.  We've been able to make almost daily trips to the parks, zoo, and lakes.  Getting Vivian's attention has helped Nina practice one of her new favorite skills: whistling.

A trip to Wild Rumpus - they love the kid door

Tiny Twins Fans

We got to meet adorable new puppy, Ollie, on our trip to see Maggie and the fam.  The girls loved playing there and were not happy to leave.  

3 years old, 1 year old, and 31 years old