Monday, May 26, 2014

The only way to slow them down

…is to use slow motion video.  These girls never stop moving and here is an attempt to show you some of the recent action.

The girls are very independent and we've been impressed/afraid of their ability to make their own decisions.  If Nina asks for mini-wheats, Vivian asks for cinnamon life.  If Vivian wants to swing, Nina may choose to go on the slides.  The one thing they always agree on is that bed-time comes too soon and they will sing and talk for an hour after being put down.

Funny current stories include Nina changing the words of the Aristocat's song to gross herself out with: "Everybody wants to be a bug."  We've already made it to the pool twice and Vivian seems to be a bit bolder than Nina, but they both have fun.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Grandparents galore

The girls were thrilled to get to spend some quality time with Nana and Papa last weekend.  They got to go swimming, check out the new Cabela's, go to some parks, and play, play, play.  Both girls have been happy to start wearing shorts and sandals, even if the latter have caused a few falls.

Vivian saw a bug today and was scared of it.  She then told us, "I'm gared (scared) bugs.  Gared a downstairs, gared a alarm clocks."  What a list.  She showed no fear when running around with Grandma and Grandpa today for a quick trip to the park and dinner.

A throwback to one of Vivian's chubbiest days in 2013

Chilling on the library's patio

The girls enjoy playing "bonk" on the slide when Vivian crashes into Nina.  They also enjoy ring around the rosie and riding their bikes.  A few days ago the girls started arguing back and forth, "I'm in charge!" Yikes.

Whenever anyone tries explaining anything to Pip, her reaction is, "Ohhhhhhhhh…"  She and Nina have really gotten into craft time, especially at Barb's.  One of Pip's current favorite activities is cutting with kid/safety scissors (while closely supervised, of course).  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

… or "Happy Easter" as Vivian said.  She meant well.  She's been full of quotes lately.  Today she ran down the driveway to the car and told me "I'm fat!" although she meant fast.  When having a mini-breakdown and not sure what to cry about she simply screamed, "I'm crying!"  When sitting in someone's lap, she will often turn towards them and squeeze their cheeks and say, "chubby cheeks."

paper flowers and pet rocks at the MIA

The girls have started sleeping in the same room, because Nina gets scared to be by herself.  Vivian was pretty territorial at first with shouts of, "my couch" and "my room" but they seem to be cohabiting alright for now.  They like singing together, mostly twinkle twinkle and ABCs, but also they do a killer rendition of a duck singing "baa baa black sheep."  It goes like this: "quack quack, quack quack, quack, quack quack quack quack."

jammie time     ------    laughing and dancing at the first music in the park

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Yay for May

The Naks are busy as can be, as Ben and Kara's workloads are always ramped up this time of year.  The girls are adjusting pretty well and satisfied as long as they get to go to a park and have some movie time.  They enjoyed a quick getaway to Grandma and Grandpa's house while Ben and Kara got to a few parties and a Twins game.  Many thanks to the Ramsey family for generously sharing their amazing seats!

The girls had fun dressing up dad for decades week