Sunday, June 29, 2014

Bug bites, sand, and a little tan

We must be in summer mode as the girls seem to end each day with the things mentioned in the title.  They have their little routines that they like to stick to and are both pretty independent.  Nina wakes up first every morning and watches a little bit of a library movie until Pip wakes up 10 minutes later.  Vivian then asks for apple juice and cinnamon life cereal while Nina prefers orange juice and mini-wheats.  They know what they want.

The girls were sad to see Cassie go and enjoyed all the time they got to spend together.  It was a nice way to see more of Annie, Adam, Maggie, Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandpa Don too!  Grandma & Grandpa threw a lovely early birthday party for the girls so Cassie could help celebrate.  Nina loved smashing the piƱata and, shockingly, Vivian did not.

Despite all the family visits, the girls have gotten a fair amount of trips around the cities too.  Nina went to a Base Camp at Fort Snelling with activities, saw Minnehaha falls flowing fast, and we went to our Priest's retirement party where the girls liked the bagpipers.


Minnehaha         --------      Rainbow over St. Paul

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer wanderings

We've been all over the place the last week or so, and are thrilled to have Aunt Cassie back in Minnesota.  The girls have been playing in the pool, with blocks, singing songs, eating, and much more.  Cassie and Nina are currently at a play and are having a slumber party with forts, toenail painting, and other girly things.

The girls had fun wandering the U of M campus, pointing out the Green Line light rail when we saw it, and planning for their futures.  And we went to the zoo again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Taking a ride on the green line

The light rail has opened in St. Paul and the girls enjoyed getting to ride on it.  There were a lot of activities and games, but the weather put a stop to a lot of it.  Nina loved mini-golf in the skyway system and really liked her scorecard of stamps.  


Vivian talks pretty much non-stop (at home - not as much in public) and here is a brief video of some of it, and a bit of Nina's first t-ball game.  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer starts with a blast!

Summer is here and the Naks have been busy as can be.  We've made 10 trips to the pool, 7 visits to music in the park, and played at 9 different parks.  The biggest new addition to the schedule is that Nina has started t-ball.  It's pretty disorganized and she's pretty shy, but she said she had a lot of fun.  She enjoys practicing at Miles' house too.

Post-game trip for ice cream   ----    Vivian got a baseball hat too

The girls and dad made a quick trip to the MOA to see a traveling Beatles exhibit.  The girls told the workers that Ringo was their favorite and then got a chance to try the drums as Ringo gave a video tutorial.  

Can't go to the MOA without going to the Disney store

Our trips to Como often include bike-riding as it's quickly become their favorite non-swimming activity.    It's been funny to hear that Vivian's most common word now is "Nina."  It comes in a variety of ways: "watch this, Nina," "Hi Nina," "my turn, Nina," "No, Nina," and even, "Look at baby Nina, Nina."


"hiding"     ------     sadly, Nina dropped a drawer on her toe