Friday, July 25, 2014

"What are you doing?"

"We're lookin' cute, Dad." (Vivian)

Both girls like to ask this question, and do so frequently throughout the day.  Here's what we've been doing lately.

"new" Power Wheel from friends & snuggles with Grandma after a fun few days

Nina recently helped with a research study at the U 

relaxing summer afternoon --- Nina used her gift card from the U to buy this princess ribbon wand

More fun in the sun

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Guess What"


This has been Pip's go-to phrase.  Sometimes she has an answer if you say "what?" and other times she just leaves you hanging.  We've recently been back to the zoo and the Japanese tea garden, taken in some All-Star game festivities, visited a couple sets of friends, a rec center party, a Como concert featuring Cousin Erin, some ice cream "stores," and a Saints game.  The girls continue to run at break-neck speeds and, unfortunately, Vivian smacked her lip pretty good in a nasty fall last night.  Tonight we got to check out Nina's new pre-school and she is very excited to get started.  Vivian did not want to leave the open house and may have a tough time being left behind.  Pip loves looking for, and talking about, different modes of transportation: planes, trains, buses, big trucks, etc.


Rainy-day fun

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vivian is Two!

She's gone from an unhappy baby to a cheerful toddler.  Now that she sleeps much better, talks, and sprints all over, she can be more independent which suits her well.  It seems like she's shown signs of being two for a couple months now.  She's even figured out two-year-old tantrums.  She talks all the time, argues, tells jokes, plays pretty well, and asks questions about everything.

Lately, Vivian likes to ask, "is that funny?"  She is creative, which makes for some interesting quotes and some non-truths such as, "[mo]squito on my nose.  I got it with golf club" and "Nina hit me" (when she didn't) and "Nina pooped" (when she didn't).  It's hard to tell if she believes what she's saying or not.

photo courtesy of Nina

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Nina is Four!

Nina has grown out of the toddler stage and is our big little girl.  She likes to draw and write, she has participated in swimming lessons and tee-ball, she looks after her sister, and she has taken to reasoning.  She is a very good girl, an excellent listener, and very sensitive.  It's been crazy to see Nina's transition at daycare as she is now one of the older kids there and tries to be a helper.  She will be enrolling in preschool for next year.  We hope her tendency to whine decreases after turning 4.  She loves to sing, although her tone needs work, and so her new video features her favorite from the year; sorry if it gets stuck in your head.

Our trip to Nebraska has been fun and busy as we've been busy catching up with everyone and it's been a while since we've gotten to spend time with Jake and Kelsey.  The girls have been showing off and talking non-stop.  Vivian likes to keep their dog, Nellie, up-to-date on all of her endeavors.