Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peaks and Valleys

Cassie came back, but work has started up again… Maggie had an amazing birthday party, but then Nina's new fish died… We made it to the pool, and then the lightning started and we had to leave.  Good times and bad, but overall we're saddest to see our summer time together come to an end.  


Vivian refuses to use the words "he" and "she" and insists on improperly using "him" and "her."  It is awfully cute, but we're pretty sure she's consciously trying not to improve sentences like, "what's on him leg?" and when watching a video of herself saying, "why her doing that?"  As another funny switch of words, she screws up the name of Nina's late fish.  After watching "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2," Nina quotes a character and said about the fish, "I think I'll name him Berry."  So now Vivian thinks it's okay to interchange berries and fish and shouts, "I want more fishies" when demanding strawberries.  The girls also like watching the new Weird Al Yankovic videos and both refer to him as "Crazy Al."

Como music and fishing

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Free-time is fleeting

With Kara back at work, the girls and Ben are futilely trying to hold on to summer.  We've been lucky enough to pack in some family time as well.  Nana came for a short visit and the girls were thrilled to play games, tell her stories, and run around.  They loved having a picnic and going to the children's museum with her.

Children's Museum rooftop fun

Wedding time!   ------  Met Harry, Abby, Rose, & Grace at the zoo

Nina insisted on going to the Japanese Lantern Lighting Festival, despite the rain.  She won a (live) fish and was entranced by the dancing and music.  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Family Camp

The Naks just got back from another trip to Northern Pines and 75% of the family had an amazing time.    Nina loved going to "summer school," making crafts, going to the beach, learning songs, reading stories, coloring, getting her own food tray, playing with her daily babysitter, and basically every part of camp.  Ben and Kara enjoyed these same things, especially the built-in babysitting, but also loved the great weather, time on the water, not making (and cleaning up after) meals, and all the speakers.  Vivian liked coming home (but not the actual travel, just the idea of being home).

We had a great time with some friends we knew were coming, and met a lot of other fun young families.  We're hoping to go back to see them all again.

NCAA track champions    ------   Sums up our girls' attitudes

Beach Babes

Carrying their own food    ----     Getting a round of golf

Flowers everywhere    ----     Class field trip on the tram

Singing at the concert     -----    Laughing with the teacher Ms. Lindy

Tower in the background    -----    In the tower