Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014

The girls had a week of dressing up, parties, candy and fun.  We started with a "Trunk or Treat" event in White Bear.  We decorated our car in the style of the Disney Movie, Up, and we were glad for warm weather.  The girls then had a party at daycare, Nina had a party at school, and we stopped by a party with a connection to Ben's school.  We did trick-or-treat a bit in the neighborhood and Vivian tried to walk into the houses when people opened the door.  Luckily, most neighbors were happy to have Mickey Mouse trying to barge her way in.  Vivian also saw a boy in a scream mask and asked, "Why that ghost saying 'ohhhhh?'"  Nina chose to be a ballerina, then a princess, and lastly the tooth fairy.  How she knows about the tooth fairy we're not quite sure.

The girls are both fighting some colds and it's been tough to sleep.  One funny spot amongst the night time crying is when Ben went down and a stuffed-up Vivian said to him, "My nose not blowing out, dada!"

Pretty fall          ------          Catching rainbows

Going to a free ballet show   ------   Goofing around at the ballet

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fabulous Fall

With the warm weather we have been able to not only go outside during the day, but at night too!  It's been a busy, but fun fall and the girls are getting excited for Halloween.

Vivian continues to surprise us and make us laugh.  She jokes a lot, but remains fairly unpredictable.   She loves lima beans, and, since the rest of us don't, she eats everyone's.  A few days ago, she was singing in bed and woke up most the house.  When Kara and Nina went to get her out of bed, they found that Pip was singing "Let it Go" in her sleep.


Nina rediscovered the photo booth

Hanging out with Uncle Jake on his work trip

We finally made a designated coloring area after tiring of finding markers, crayons, and pencils all over the house.  The girls really enjoy the spot and their coloring is fun to see.  Nina likes to write her name on most of her work and can do it all on her own.  She makes a lot of rainbows, people, and flowers.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Post #300

It's been a while since we've blogged and it seems like we've forgotten a ton of funny quotes, but we've got some photos anyway.  Work has been busy and it was sweet/cute to hear Nina tell Ben after conferences, "I missed you, daddy."  After a not-so-sweet slapping incident, Vivian got put on time-out and said 'sorry' from her crib.  Ben told her that she needed to say sorry to Nina's face and she responded with, "Sorry to your face, Nina."

Vivian's current favorite band is Guster, but both girls are enjoying the new weezer album.  In addition to being obsessed with babies, Vivian's favorite activity is pretending to be a baby.  Nina continues to be a bit better with sleeping now that she has her sticker goals.  She got her fingernails painted and is working her way towards a Frozen magazine with posters.

Kara's birthday

Waiting patiently for the bouncy house

First family bonfire

Someone is excited for dance lessons


We had a nice, but too short, trip to Nebraska for Josh & Ami's wedding.  The girls did a great job on the ride and we only stopped twice on the way down and once on the way back.  Nina did a lot of drawing and we've been impressed with her work - birds, spooky trails, ice cream, and spiders (which scare Vivian - "Nina spiders scare me").  We enjoy that she writes Nakagaki on most of her work lately.  We've all been fighting slight colds, with Kara's hearing being affected.  So when Ben shouted about an email from Nana, Kara responded, "who's Anna?"  Nina chimed in, "No, not Anna, Nana, your mom!"

"Pip, want to snuggle with me?"  -  "okay"