Saturday, November 29, 2014


Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and we realize we have a lot to be thankful for, including but not limited to:
  • Two healthy, special girls who love each other
  • A warm and safe place to live
  • Nina's colorful drawings of rainbows, snowmen, and people throughout the house
  • Two jobs, two working cars, and health care
  • Pip's random questions and advice from the girl who is engaged in everything
  • Clean water, good food, and sanitation
  • Laughter
  • Kind friends
  • Wonderful, loving, and supportive family

Nina made all the placemats and name tags

A toy only Grandpa would have in his living room, The Jump-olene

Pillow Fight with Kevin and Calvin

Annie gave them Elsa braids    -------     Rocking some clip-on earrings

We got out to see the tree lighting and St. Paul Holiday Market.  The girls enjoyed the professional ice skaters, the smell of roasted nuts, and Vivian liked the fireworks.  After weeks of dry snow and Pip saying, "You gotta try, Dad!" we were finally able to make a snowman.  Sadly, he only lasted a day, but they had fun anyway.  We also got to make an advent wreath at church, the girls were happy to help make a mess.



Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Doin what we can

With the frustrating early cold, we've been doing what we can to stay sane.  Getting out when possible, and taking advantage of the Children's Museum and Como Zoo have helped us run around.  Otherwise we've taken to [literally] crashing around the house.  

Both girls are still good for a laugh.  While coloring pictures the other day, Nina told Kara, "You can just knock and I'll talk to you. I'm working in my local color shop."  Vivian is as opinionated as ever and shouts little demands like, "Hey, I like that song!" when Ben changes the radio station off Taylor Swift, and "Nina, get me my white hat."  She also shouted back and pointed at Kara, "No, you settle down!" which was funny, but not funny.

Vivian continues her sugar and spice routine at Barb's and is very sweet to the babies but somewhat of a bully to her fellow two-year-olds.  When Nina senses frustration or sadness in Dylan or Ivan, she rushes to get them a toy or blanket.  When Vivian senses frustration or sadness in Dylan or Ivan, she exploits their weakness, takes their toys, or says something to set them off.  Her current favorite being patting Dylan on the head and asking, "What's wrong, little buddy?" when she knows he hates it.  

On the flip side, they are sweet to one another.  When Vivian was at the doctor today and they were separated, both girls asked how her sister was doing.  They were happy to reunite later and told each other, "I missed you!"  Also, Vivian chatted with the nurses.  She told them about her favorite drinks, how her sleeping routine went, and even asked about their wardrobe choice with "Why they both wearing blue?" 

patty-cake attempts

tackling       -------       snuggling

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Farewell to Fall

We went from raking leaves with a shovel to shoveling snow in a hurry.  We got hit with a pile of snow and the girls are trying to make the most of it.  They've been playing outside at Barb's and they're still complaining about being too hot.

Nina likes show-and-tell day at preschool; last week she brought her Frozen purse for "f."  Sadly, our fish of over a year has passed, so it could not make an appearance.  Vivian tells some interesting stories from daycare, typically full of funny facial expressions.  Today's story went: "Dylan had doggie pillow. I threw it.  He said 'no Pippy.'  I kicked it.  I cried."

tickle fight           ------          Sweet whispers

Last snow-free time at the park?

Como fun