Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Winter's halftime

We're loving any January that regularly gets above 20.  We even went out to a park last night after dinner!  Nina wrote on her preschool work that she likes sledding.  Nina also sang at Church the other day; she was fairly shy.  She has also started dance class and prefers ballet to tap, because tap is too loud.  Pip has been pretty good at watching, but she sometimes needs to get away to Choo Choo Bobs to pass the time. 

Vivian checking her purse - "gotta check my cost money; I need money for the zoo, for ice cream, for the Target."  Apparently she hears that ice cream "costs money," that and we go to Target a lot.

Running around the skyways

Thank goodness - Pip sleeps now!

They put on their outfits - snowpants/mittens/backpack vs. summer pjs

Nina entertaining Pip while Pip is on timeout for hitting Nina

Friday, January 9, 2015

Half-Birthday Party!

The girls were very into half-birthdays this year and made sure to talk about them with their friends.  As has become an unexpected tradition, here's the video of their 2014 together.

For her day, Nina decided to get cupcakes (we hadn't had enough sweets at Christmas) and for Vivian's, we went to the Children's Museum and Cleveland Wok.  The girls had a great time going on a weekday night when no one else was there and they got to play with everything.

One and a half vs. Two and a half

Dad: "Okay, Miss Bossy Pants"   Pippy: "No, I'm Miss Bossy JAMMIES!"

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

The Naks have been out and about to end one year and begin another.  From train rides, to a balloon drop at the zoo, the museum, to a bowl game party, we've been celebrating.  The girls do miss the Christmas decorations, namely their Nativity scene.  They definitely miss the music, especially singing "stink stank stunk" from the Grinch.

On our trip downtown, the girls made a couple passersby laugh aloud.  After walking throughout the skyways (and taking many escalators) Nina complained, "My knees need a nap, they're tired from all this walking."  When dad stopped at the ATM, Vivian said that she wanted to play that game.