Tuesday, February 17, 2015

More Holiday Fun

The girls had a great time with Valentine's Day and also enjoyed getting more family time on President's Day.  Nina wrote out all of her friend's names on her valentines for school, daycare, and did Pip's work for daycare too.  It's fun watching her become more comfortable with letters and writing.  She definitely enjoys it, along with working on art projects.

We've been to a few events around Phalen, Chelsea Heights, King of Kings, and Como.  The girls liked the baby shower at Como where they debuted the new baby orangutan, giraffe, snakes, and zebra.  Pip still loves babies.  She continues to make us laugh every day with her ridiculous antics and off-the-wall questions.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Indoor Fun

Even with a fairly mild winter thus far, the lack of light keeps us inside more often than not.  The girls continue to color a lot and Nina enjoys her writing.  She has been interviewing people on their favorite things and then writes the responses with some help.  She also has been copying the months out of her calendar onto new paper.  Both girls enjoy playing with a variety of toys, cars, balls, ponies and whatnot and have spent a lot of time this weekend setting up the dollhouse and playing angry birds (the physical version).  Otherwise we try to get to the childrens' museum during non-peak times and the girls always have a blast there.