Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jake and Kelsey's Wedding!


We were honored and so happy to be part of Jake and Kelsey's special, beautiful day!  The bride & groom were overflowing with emotion, the venue was full of southern charm, everything was adorned and infused with personal touches, and it all made for an absolutely lovely weekend of celebrating.

The girls, while a little hesitant, walked down the aisle with the right amount of poise and whimsy.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a shot of that; perhaps the real photographers did.

A big thanks to our host in DC, Adam, who stayed up to welcome us and woke up early to go out to breakfast.  We all enjoyed getting to see him and his town.  Can't wait for him to be president. ;)  That was the first night & day of the journey.  Then we made our way to Richmond for the festivities.  Being so hot & humid, it was nice to get one day on a beach, Sunday.  The girls had a great time playing with sand, seaweed, and rocks.

The girls enjoyed hotel life, although they're happy to be home.  Pip liked the breakfasts, "We can eat all of this?!" and Nina liked the access to all the pools and "TVs with lots of channels."  Since our usual movie repertoire was out, the girls watched Little Rascals and Full House; funny how some shows appeal after all these years.  Since returning, both have slept better and had some funny lines about why they like our house.  Pip mentioned, "I like to be home.  Our toys are at home and our food is at home."  Nina said, "My mind is tired from vacation."

To make a long post longer, we were quite happy with how the girls traveled.  Despite the delays and getting into DC around 1 a.m., the girls maintained attitudes that were as good as we could have hoped.  Thank you for your prayers!  They listened well, slept occasionally in the car, and were nice on the plane (Pip had a few happy screeches while watching her movie).  They spent a lot of time coloring, playing games on the iPad, eating snacks, and didn't whine too much.  A big thanks to Grandpa Rod for helping bring us to and from the airport.


"Hi Dad!"      -----      Nina: "Can I take a picture of the clouds?"


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


It was super fun to see Aunt Cassie this past week on her annual trip back from Florida.  The girls took her around St. Paul to see their favorite pools, parks, and the Children's Museum.  She got them each a yoga mat and the girls love carrying them, rolling them up, doing yoga, and working on somersaults.  As always, the visit seemed too short!  

hot day calls for 2 pools

Children's Museum silliness

our clown and our worm-finder

Excited for our trip to Virginia for Jake and Kelsey's wedding!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Doing whatever snow does in summer

Loving to get to sleep in and have fun all over.  The girls are trying new things, skipping naps, and wreaking havoc.  Nina has learned to use monkey bars, Pip is again working on potty training, and has also started vaccuuming (which used to be a fear of hers).  

Nina has had some funny quotes as of late:

"If I was in charge, Pip and I could have too much of what we want and I could eat peanut butter and jelly for every meal and I could go to Target to buy more bread, peanut butter, and jelly whenever I want."

"I tried to set the carrot down and it bounced right back in my hand.  That's one talented carrot!"

mini golf and bouncy house at Grand 'ol Day