Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Pictures...

will come next post.  Here are some other shots of what the Naks have been up to as October comes to a close.  Nina has been having fun at school, enjoying all the seasonal projects and songs.  Pip has been learning to write some letters at daycare and enjoys "reading" to the 3 month old.

Peanuts Red Carpet Premiere


Football and Five Little Pumpkins

Slide + Leaf Pile = Paradise

Getting their silhouettes cut

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Double Homecoming

We've gotten to partake in two Homecomings over the last few weeks and celebrate Kara's birthday.  First was the White Bear Lake Homecoming where Pip was the junior royalty and was in charge of carrying the crowns and tiaras.  All the teenagers had a small dance move when they were introduced, so Pip took it upon herself to walk out with a ballet pose on her tip-toes with her hands over her head.  We never know what she's planning.  She also was in the parade and did a good job waving.  For both events she was not very friendly to any students or staff during rehearsal, but put on the charm once it was show-time.

Nina at the parade and the picture she took 

The second homecoming was for UST which also included Ben's 10-year reunion.  So the girls headed to Owatonna while we enjoyed seeing old friends.  Not much has changed, and we had a lot of laughs.  We also took advantage of some free time to golf, watch a movie, go for some walks, and enjoy breakfast with more friends.  It's been a beautiful fall and the girls enjoyed raking and jumping in leaves when they got home.

Driving with Grandpa and Grandma

Oh yeah, and we went to Hamline's Homecoming