Wednesday, December 23, 2015


The girls are soaking up all the fun holiday time they can.  Pip had a great time at the daycare Christmas party playing games and making a ginger bread house.  Although, afterward she admitted, "Barb kept asking me to be quiet during nap time, but I kept telling her that I'm special."  Sadly, Nina didn't make her school party due to illness.  She had written everyone in class a little Christmas card and she is very sweet.  The girls enjoyed one of their favorite treats by going to the Mall of America and going on rides.  Vacation has also allowed us to rock the children's museum, eat brunch with big Adam, find great Christmas books at the library, go on a scavenger hunt at the art museum, see the holiday train at the depot, and enjoy some time at the park since it's been eerily warm.


Christmas Yoga          -----         Meeting Boots


Art Museum   -----    Saint Thomas won the NCAA semi-finals

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Goodness and light

Christmas time is here and the girls are a great age for it all.  Everything is exciting: looking at lights, meeting santa, looking for the elf on the shelf, listening to Christmas music, and trimming the tree.  

It was snowy for a while, but we're back to mid-40s and the girls have been spending time outside, going to parks, walking around Como, and putting up our own Christmas lights.


Friday, December 4, 2015


It was another fun trip to Nebraska for Thanksgiving.  The girls had a great time hanging out with Nana, Papa, Jake and Kelsey.  They got to play with play-doh, read books, play a new board game, make Christmas ornaments, go on a ferris wheel, and see the new Peanuts movie.  They did fairly well in the car.

They also enjoyed a week with Nana providing daycare, during which time they've really gotten into the Christmas spirit by sledding each day, building snow people, and decorating.




  Magic Mirror