Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fun, fun, fun

A birthday party, gymnastics, an obstacle course, and a new exhibit at the children's museum, the girls have been overwhelmed with fun.  Today, they got to go to a pool party for their friend from daycare.  Afterwards, Pip remarked, "That was so fun.  I love swimming, and I love eating, so I really don't want to leave."  We're enjoying that the days are getting longer, and lately they've been warmer.

There's not this much snow anymore!

President's Day snowshoeing date.

Fun at a district play-day.  

Getting to use the big trampoline at gymnastics

Sunday, February 7, 2016


The Naks are in the winter grind, working, eating, playing, shoveling.  Pip continues to bring the sass and Nina is now figuring out ways to push her buttons.  The teenage years will be so fun.  They do play nicely most of the time, but the unkind times can be intense.  The girls are starting to tire of the snow, cold weather, and darkness, and we agree.  


Winter Carnival Fun

Ice sculptures not ready   -----    Ice sculptures melted and missed


The girls continue their time in gymnastics and are already getting excited for next school year.  Pip is looking forward to starting pre-school and Nina is ready for Kindergarten every day.  

Nature Center Fun

Super Bowl (costume) Party!