Sunday, March 27, 2016

Lots to celebrate


Reason 1:  Happy Easter to all!  What a blessed time.  Nana and Papa came up from Nebraska and it was wonderful to have them with us.  Nana and Nina spent time learning to read with Dick and Jane, and Papa helped inspire some love for basketball.  Dyeing eggs, egg hunts, Cleveland Wok, and showing up a year late for Minne-hop-hop were all fun times for the crew.


Reason 2: St. Patricks Day (& Pi Day) - Ben and the girls wore green throughout the week and had a few other fun festivities.  In another attempt to go green, the girls are starting a "save our trees" campaign as it looks like the city will soon cut down our ash trees.  We're actually sadder about the elf house that will also be removed further down the street.  A trip to the MOA featured our first ride on Paul Bunyan's Log Chute.  The girls were pretty brave and had a fun day.


Reason 3: Mike Hindt - Our amazing Uncle Mike passed away after a courageous fight against pancreatic cancer, and we celebrate a life well-lived.  He was a fantastic father and friend and we will try to live our lives to the fullest as he did.

Reason 4: Sisters - Our girls are starting to figure out this built-in-best-friend thing.  They are playing more games with one another and laughing more.  Guess Who, match game, coloring, pass the pigs, and playing with their Shopkins have all meant bonding time lately.  When Pip leaves the car for day care she will often say, "Have a good day, Nina" and Nina responds with, "You too, Pip.  I love you." On the other side of the coin, all this close contact has meant more fighting as well, but we'll focus on the positive.

Playing "hike"   ------      Diving for grounders

"Let's go to the flower place and take pictures"  ---  "Look, I'm Queen Elsa"


Sunday, March 13, 2016

First signs of spring


It was the last week of gymnastics and spring break is coming up soon.  We've even had our first picnic and trip to Conny's.  


Pip seems to relentlessly sing whatever song is currently stuck in her head.  This weekend, we've been treated to nonstop versions of "The beanbag dance" from gymnastics and Nina's old favorite, "Somebody I used to know."  Nina, meanwhile, has been into numbers and likes playing with a calculator.  The other day she was playing the adding game but then asked if she could do "some-traction" (subtraction). We're pretty impressed by her work and willingness to try.


Nina's Cat-in-the-Hat        -----         Pip's ghost

Trying to fly a kite in a slight breeze

Monday, March 7, 2016

warm and cold

It's been weird March weather so far, and it also seems like 2016 is already going by quickly.  Gymnastics season is coming to a close and swimming lessons are on deck. Nina really likes "brain breaks" at school, which often include dance time.  She likes to come home and show us her new moves.  Other current interests include Shopkins, drawing and playing with them. Nina is also starting to read and write a few words.  Pip has really enjoyed the chance to ride her strider bike again and we're a bit shocked to see that she is already at its tallest setting. 

These last photos are in chronological order.


The girls are going for haircuts this week and they also might get McDonald's for dinner; it must be parent-teacher conference time.