Saturday, April 30, 2016

At the buzzer

Whew, just got this post in on time to bring our April posts up to two.  It has been a busy stretch.  Ben has his usual spring craziness and was a finalist for teacher of the year, Nina had a few events at school, there was a fun wedding in Pittsburgh, a birthday party, and Pip always acts as if she is doing something important.  The girls have been happy to be in swimming lessons again and have even gotten the chance to play in the backyard pool on a few warm days this spring.

laughing at frogger    -----    school carnival


Pip's latest funny quotes:
"Nina, I have great news; your scar looks better."
"You're getting a baby gold tooth, like Papa has."
"Hear this," she says anytime she wants your undivided attention.

Sunday, April 10, 2016



Spring is barely here and the girls are already talking about next year.  What classes they will be in, what their teachers will be like, who will be in their class... somehow they think they've got it all figured out.  We are trying to prepare them for how reality doesn't always connect with their ideas.  Nina continues to work on her reading and has become mildly obsessed with the following:

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Playing cards (slap jack and crazy eights)
  • Playing "Just Dance" especially the One Direction song
  • Playing a Lego game on the iPad
  • Listening to the chipmunks (especially their Bad Romance cover)
Pip mostly goes along with those fads, but likes to play party pooper if Nina has her heart set on one of them.  "Nina, I'm too tired" has become an unexpected go-to phrase.  

cousin craziness   ----   twinning with her daycare bf

trying on Mom's glasses --------counting rings on our stumps

she turns on a dime, folks