Thursday, June 30, 2016

We take more pictures in the summer

Summer fun is running high and we're sad to see June go already.  We've been playing hard and working occasionally, but trying to have fun throughout.  We have been going to the pool almost every night when the crowds die down and both girls are getting more adventurous.  Pip is going underwater more and can do the lazy river on her own tube (although we're not too fond of that one).  Nina, meanwhile has progressed from the slides to the diving board to jumping off the mini-cliffs!  Kara is really not fond of that.  They continue to grow at alarming rates.  For other Como fun, we have been riding bikes, went to Como Town, been to the zoo twice, and Ben and Kara tried paddle-boarding.  How Aunt Cassie does yoga on those things is a mystery to us.

The girls went strawberry picking with Kara's friend, Judy and picked a million (so if anybody wants some, please stop by).  We're also fixing up a few spots on our fence, so the girls tried using a hammer and a screwdriver on the old wood.  No one got hurt, hooray!  Kara was excited to meet one of her favorite bloggers, Glennon, who runs 


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Super Summer Times

Summer is in full tilt and we're knocking down milestones that we thought would take all summer.  Pip learned how to ride a bike without the need for us to hold on or run alongside.  Kudos to strider bike for getting her comfortable with balancing.  Nina can use the diving board at our pool which requires her to swim about 20 feet unassisted.  They're growing up too fast!


Fun Day at the Library

Swimming hard earns two "Kiddie Cones" at Nelson's

Fitz Family Fun      ----      Team Nak at the golf tourney

Friday, June 17, 2016

Two video updates

It's now summer, but we're just getting around to updating a few older things.  Nina is working on her reading and helps before bed time, so naturally Pip has taken to "reading" some stories as well.  Also, swimming lessons have finished for the season so now it's time to hit up the outdoor pools.  Here is some footage of both:

Saturday, June 11, 2016

School's out!

We had a good end to the school year.  Nina's class had a brief but entertaining celebration.  Kara was able to sneak in a school lunch with Nina as well.  Nina had fun, rambunctious classmates and very caring teachers whom she will miss.  Pip will be joining their ranks next school year for the same preschool program.  Let's see if she enjoys "having new friends and math," which were Nina's highlights from the year.


Cassie is on vacation and it was super fun to see her!  She and some of the Nakagakis are currently having a spectacular visit to Switzerland to spend time with Paul & Karen; wish we were there.

It's not quite Europe, but we did get away to Fairmont a couple weekends ago to celebrate the original Abby Fitzgerald.  Congratulations to her on graduating!  We enjoyed that trip with family.


Check out our fellow commuter in the background!