Sunday, July 31, 2016


For our ten year anniversary, the Naks headed to Colorado. for a family fun vacation  We had a wonderful trip full of beautiful sights, great weather, tasty food, and fun friends.  We were even more busy than usual and tried to take in as much as we could.  The girls had their fun with trips to the zoo and the Children's Museum.  They loved getting to see new animals like elephants, rhinos, hyenas, and especially enjoyed the peacocks that just walked around the park.  The children's museum was full of activities.  It was funny to see the different focus in a state with the rockies, as there were climbing stations, rafting simulators, knot-tying exercises, etc.  The ziplines were a favorite.   


Getting out and about in nature was exciting and fun and as Pip put it, "there's plenty and a million left to see."  Kara was not overly thrilled with our drive up a 14er.  The highest paved road in North America led to the top of Mount Evans where it was windy, snowing, and full of goats.  The drive  on narrow roads sans guardrails was a bit nerve-wracking, but we made it.  Afterward, the drive through the mountains to the lovely city of Golden was beautiful.  We had a great time in Golden and enjoyed getting to see our friend Julie Anne.  The next day we headed to Boulder and enjoyed the Pearl Street Mall, especially the kite store.  Estes Park was a beautiful town full of cute shops and hordes of visitors, but it was merely a pit-stop on our way up to Rocky Mountain National Park.  The girls loved their nature hike and were great troopers.  We didn't quite make it to Mills Lake, but started out at Bear Lake and went passed Alberta Falls.  We put in over 20,000 steps and there was very little complaining!  After the hike, we drove through Big Thompson Canyon, saw more gorgeous crazy scenery, some rams, and elk, and then drove through Loveland.   


Back in Denver, we enjoyed wandering and seeing what the city had to offer.  There were numerous museums, parks, shopping areas, and of course great places to eat.  We enjoyed revisiting some of our favorites from our Austin trip and then tried plenty of new places.  It was great to see Ben's high school friend, Jessica, and her husband, Mike.  They are great people and helped us with our vacation itinerary.  Similarly, a thanks goes out to one of Ben's former coworkers, Anika, who also has a 6-year old and had plenty of great advice for what to do in Denver.  All in all, it was a great vacation as we didn't want to come home and even the girls were sad to return.  The only thing that motivated Pip was being able to push her dolls in her baby stroller once we got home.  Sweet Nina loved just about everything and was an excellent traveler.


So after ten years of a fantastic marriage, we're excited to see what the next decade brings.  Here is a quick slideshow of our annual pictures.  

Friday, July 22, 2016

The Dog Days

July is flying by and we're continuing our summer fun.  The girls continue to improve in their swimming and their bike-riding, and it's amazing to see the change each week can bring.  Nina has figured out how to do a front-crawl, hand stands, and swim to the bottom of the pool to pick up items.  Pip can now jump in and then swim back to the wall unassisted.  Nina is also learning how to play solitaire.


The girls had a great birthday party at Como Pool.  Some friends & family were able to come and the girls had a blast showing everyone their favorite parts of the pool.  We were fortunate that all their grandparents were able to make it to the party and could also hang out at the lake for music afterward.


For Ben's birthday we played mini-golf (Nina was an excellent score-keeper), ate Jucy Lucy's, and we had a picnic on the beach at Lake Harriet.

The girls got to go to the racetrack for extreme race day.  We had fun watching the horse races and loved seeing the camels and ostriches.  The girls struggled at picking winners; twice Nina's rider's fell off their animal and Pip kept picking horses that scratched and didn't even race.  They enjoyed the petting zoo and playground too.

How park trips sometimes feel