Tuesday, September 20, 2016

School is in session

Everyone is in school and life is a blur.  Nina has started Kindergarten, Pip has started preschool and, as usual, they have differed viewpoints on it all.  Nina is excited to go to school, happy to share what she did.  Meanwhile, Pip has mostly been saying school is too long and that it's boring.  It's pretty early and Nina went through similar growing pains, but the difference is still kind of funny.

Walking the halls   ---   Red eyes from her mask


We again participated in the Walk for Pancreatic Cancer as a part of Team Mike.  We miss Uncle Mike and continue to wage hope for a cure for this awful disease.  

During the weekend we try to enjoy the weather while we've got it.  We took a family bike ride to the zoo and had a picnic at a regional park.  Otherwise we're trying to rest up for the busy weeks.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer Reflection

Looking back, it was an amazing summer full of great memories and milestones.  Learning to swim and ride bikes, losing teeth and family fun vacations, summer 2016 had it all.  Here are some photos that haven't been posted yet as a recap:


Getting too close at Canterbury  ---   Mini-madness


Biking everywhere


Favorite Eats

So much swimming!

Meeting our friend Toady   -----   Toady trying to jump away


Battle Lake

Checking out Minneapolis

Wandering St. Paul

Beach time    ---    Tooth Fairy time

Museum - new exhibits now open

State Fair silliness   ---    Stillwater steps