Sunday, October 23, 2016

North Shore


The Naks had an amazing MEA trip to the North Shore.  We loved hiking, seeing the sites, looking for rocks, watching the sunrise, and listening to the waves.

Canal Park

Ericson Park

Lax Lake

Tettegouche lakefront

Tettegouche high falls

Split Rock Lighthouse   ----   Friday sunrise

From the top    -----    From the bottom

Gooseberry State Park


Saturday Sunrise

Saturday, October 15, 2016


It's been a very warm fall and we've been trying to take advantage.  Pip still insists on riding her bike as much as possible, while Nina has been into soccer, baseball, kickball, and other games she probably learned at school.  Whatever we're doing, it seems that the girls fall a lot.  Sometimes it's on purpose, sometimes it's inevitable with whatever they're doing, and sometimes it shocks them, but they typically find it funny.  While we probably have only caught 10% of these falls, we've got enough for a whole video:


Nina still loves school, while Pip is still making adjustments.  Pip is typically sad before school but seems to have fun once she's there.  Nina has also started taking an art class once a week and is enjoying a chance to try new designs.  Pip, unfortunately, had her dance class cancelled for the season, but Nina got to take part in a one-day clinic.  She worked hard and had fun and repeated her performance at Como during our late night bike ride.  Pip's funniest quote of the week is when she was reading Halloween books and kept talking about that big guy: Frank Stein.


Como at night (sadly it wasn't that late)