Monday, April 17, 2017


Easter 2017 was a lovely day full of fun and family.  The girls have been blessed to hang out with both sets of grandparents in consecutive weekends and have had a blast all around.  Playing with Maggie and Charlie is always a treat, although no one is missing out when it comes to their singing of Moana songs.  The weather was gorgeous, we made it to a few parks, and got a chance to drive the power wheels around the yard.

Both girls continue to love the water and now love the sauna as well.  Sadly swimming lessons are coming to an end this week.  Vivian has taken to writing stories in her notebook.  She has recorded four one-page masterpieces and takes great pride in it.  Nina still takes pride in her art and was frustrated with her inability to draw horses.  This led us to visit the zoo so she could look at zebras and other animals to improve her accuracy.  Her dedication was very cute and I was impressed at Vivian's patience because that was one long zoo trip.

"Maybe I'll try diving"    -----    Maybe not