Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring Swing

Spring is spinning around the household as we try to keep up with everything.  The girls are winding down at school and have been going on more field trips as of late.  Meanwhile Ben has been rocking many school events as well.  We've started to visit our summer spots like Nelson's Ice Cream and various parks.  We've also found the time to hit up many places we've been meaning to get to such as Can Can Wonderland, Tim Horton's, and Big Daddy's to name a few.  Charlie's birthday party was a blast for everyone except Charlie (just kidding, he was fine outside of picture time).  With all this craziness, it's fair to say that we are ready for summer.

warm porch reading   ----   chilly morning for Pip
Fun at Grandma and Grandpa's

Getting bigger means more fun at the park

Camping/Rafting Trip #10 - no one fell in this year!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Granny Annie

Andrea Fitzgerald
January 23, 1933 - May 8, 2017

Granny Annie was one of the most vibrant people I have ever known.  She could have 16 grandchildren in her house at the same time and make each one feel like they were the most special.  She taught us how to sing Christmas songs, how to play hopscotch, and how to do chores without complaining (a task I can't seem to pass on to my own kids).  I can vividly remember her teaching me how to keep the books at a baseball game, how to bet in penny poker, and the brilliance of Abbott and Costello.  Any time March Madness rolls around, I reminisce over my childhood excitement of filling out brackets with her and the magical run of the Gophers in '96.  Similarly, any time I hear a silly song, I am transported back to her kitchen while all of us grandkids laugh to Spike Jones, Open the Door Richard, Chickery Chick, The Thing, and the infamous Beetlebaum.  One of Granny Annie's silliest traits was her fear of airplanes.  As someone who lives in the metro, I am often driving underneath descending planes and I always laugh as I picture the times she would scream and take her hands off the steering wheel when one flew directly overhead.  

It was certainly tough to see someone of such overwhelming character robbed of her spirit by Alzheimers.  We were so blessed to have Grampa Don and other family members there to take such good care of her this last decade.  No one loved a parade like Andrea and I am going to choose to view her funeral procession as one final, loving parade in her honor.


During this circle of life week, we are thrilled to welcome a new nephew, Henry Cris Zeilinger, who was born May 6 weighing a little over 7 pounds.  We're so happy for Jake & Kelsey!  They're all doing well in Virginia.

Here in St. Paul, the girls are getting ready to be done with school and want Como Pool to open.  We've settled for walks around the lake and listening to music.  We've also been playing some soccer, volleyball, and jumping rope to enjoy the sunshine.

Bike ride to ice cream   ---   Tattoos - Little Miss Chatterbox & Little Miss Fun

Fries at Como    ---    Derby excitement

Still wearing the hat     -----     Como walks

Spring is in bloom    -----    Sloth impression