Saturday, June 24, 2017

To Be a Kid Again

In addition to our pool and music trips, the girls got a chance to play at Como Town.  Now that they're both big enough to go on most of the rides, they loved the opportunity to get the unlimited wrist bands.  

Busy day at Como   ----    Only 2 swimmers at Como!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fun in the sun

Summer is in full swing and we're trying to enjoy every moment.  Many pool trips, bike rides, park visits combined with chocolate milk, popsicles, and ice cream runs make for a happy family.  Pip has started going down the watersides at Highland pool and Nina is an inch away from the zipline and other big-kid rides.

Kara had a wonderful trip to Virginia to meet Henry.  He's a beautiful baby who seems to be a good sleeper right now.  There was a lot of baby holding happening.  It was really fun to spend time with all the Zeilingers!

The Museum has finally reopened and we have timed our visits to try out all the new exhibits.  The girls have enjoyed the laser room, using sewing machines, and climbing the giant tower.


Halloween handstands  ---  Art class on the porch

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Feels like Summer

Between the weather and the weezer song, we're in summer mode.  We've all been going on end-of-the-schoolyear field trips and we've been enjoying our summer schedule of parks, games, water, chocolate milk, and family.  The girls have enjoyed great weather for field trips to the MN Zoo, Children's Theater, Edinborough Park, and Tamarack Nature Center, while Ben also had a lovely field trip to a high ropes course at Trollhaugen.



This week also brought the Fitzgeralds together as we paid our respects to Granny Annie.  While a funeral is never a fun reason to come together, it was wonderful to have the opportunity to chat with our family.  Granny Annie would have loved the celebration; it was a beautiful service and a touching tribute to her.

We always love time with Cassie, Annie's family and Harry's family.

One crazy mini-golf course