Friday, August 4, 2017

Off we go

Well our bags are packed and loaded, we're through security, and we're headed toward a new chapter in our lives.  We're excited for things to be happening after planning for so long.  We're sad to leave such amazing family behind and wish we could beam you over for visits.  We hope to have access to this blog soon in order to give you updates once we make it to Shanghai.  

We said goodbye to many of our favorite things and people.  The girls had a wonderful time at their sleepover with Annie when they took senior pictures. ;)  Ben and Kara got a trip to Chicago to finalize visas and managed to meet up with June for a lovely visit.  We are lucky to have gotten to meet up with Lara, Shane, and their family and received a ton of awesome advice on how to live in Shanghai.  They have been (and continue to be) inspirational, generous, and helpful.



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